Research Lines

Automatic classification of blood cell microscope digital images 

We develop methods and algorithms for helping in the diagnosis of hematological diseases.

Structural health monitoring

We develop methods for damage identification in structures based on experimental data.

Wind turbine fault diagnosis

We develop data-based fault diagnosis methods for wind turbines.

Large scale systems 

We deal with system decompositions and decentralized control design. 

Non linear control 

We deal with systems with nonlinear components such as hysteresis with modelling uncertainties. We develop and apply methods mainly related to Lyapunov stability. 

Robust control 

We work on control of uncertain systems using methods and tools such as guaranteed cost control, Hinf, LMI's and Lyapunov based design. We deal with uncertainties in parameters, excitations and failures in controllers.

Structural control 

We are interested in active, semi-active and passive control of vibrations due to undesired excitations in structures from civil, mechanical and related engineering areas.

Adaptive predictive control 

We are interested in applications of predictive control within adaptive and expert-ruled scenarios. 

Dynamic systems 

We are interested in the qualitative and analytic theory of continuous and discrete dynamic systems. In particular, we study bifurcations, periodic orbits, global asymptotic stability and integrability isues. 

Control of irrigation canals 

We develop control methods and algorithms to improve the water management efficiency through automatic operation.